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7 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency of Home

By focusing on energy efficiency of their home, homeowners can decrease their energy bills as well as reduce carbon footprint. Though the need to become energy efficient is understood by all homeowners, they are still unsure on how it can be done. In fact, most homeowners are under the impression that they need to make major cost intensive upgrades to develop an energy efficient home. Well, that’s not true! You can reduce your energy consumption, even in the existing home and structure, with few simple tweaks to your home. You can contact a residential electrician in Fort Worth TX to understand the distribution of electrical loads in your home.

Did you know that with minor changes in your home, you can significantly reduce your energy bills, heating and cooling costs and more? Here are few simple ways to lower your energy bills and improve energy efficiency of your home –

  1. First and foremost get an energy audit done for your home. This will allow you to analyze which areas are utilizing more energy and places where efficiency can be improved further. With an energy audit, you come to know which parts of your home have higher energy loads and require attention.
  2. Even slight adjustment to the temperature inside you home can significantly reduce the cost of heating and cooling. You can open the windows for natural light to come inside the home during winter season. In summer, close down the shades and curtains to reduce temperature inside the home naturally. Adjusting temperatures during night time is also a great way to reduce energy consumption.
  3. Use a programmable thermostat to easily set them to desired temperatures. Program the thermostats to turn down when no one is at home and during night times. This significantly reduces the energy bill.
  4. Insulation is really important in maintaining the temperature inside your home. Make sure that the home is properly sealed and insulated to limit heat loss. Talk to your residential electrician in Fort Worth TX to discuss various techniques to insulate your home. Maximum amount of heat escapes through the loft area, so pay special attention to insulation of loft and attic areas.
  5. If your property is old or the windows are leaky and broken, it is high time to get them replaced. Depending on the weather in your area, choose the weather stripping or glazed windows. Ask your contractor on what kind of insulation material is best for your home. Just like windows, even doors of the home need to be properly insulated.
  6. Get the air filters of air conditioners and heaters checked and replaced regularly. You can also get ceiling fans installed in the rooms to enhance performance of air conditioning units.
  7. Upgrade your heating, cooling and air conditioning systems if they have become quite old. Outdated HVAC system end to consume more energy compared to new ones.

Simple changes to your regular lifestyle can improve energy efficiency of electrical appliances and reduce energy consumption. Higher the energy efficiency of your home, lower will be the energy bill.