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How to Check Wiring in Your Home

You must have often heard of fires due to short circuits and weathered wiring. Yet homeowners tend to overlook the importance of electrical safety and the need to check wiring regularly. If you are unable to understand the tell-tale signs of wire damage, it is better to get in touch with a residential electrician Fort Worth Texas. It has been seen that wiring inside many houses is also out of date. It strains supply power to the ever-growing collection of electricity dependent modern day appliances, lighting, electronics and more. Electrical circuits in old homes were not built to handle high power consuming devices. Not just old homes, if you have got the wiring done more than 10 years ago, do not take risks with electrical safety.

Whether you are living in a modern or old home, you should regularly inspect wiring in your home. Some wiring problems may cause inconvenience while others may result in major hazards. Here are few tell–tale signs of wiring wear and tear –

  • While doing any electrical work, first and foremost switch off the power supply from the main power box. You can also switch off the circuit from the circuit breaker. To be on the safer side, isolate the circuit by removing the fuse.
  • If you spot any signs of damage during inspection of old fuse boxes or circuits, immediately call a residential electrician Fort Worth Texas.
  • In case you find sparks while plugging or unplugging any appliance at home, it indicates faulty wiring. You should immediately get it inspected.
  • Just like sparks, if you find melted areas in fuse boxes, you should call a professional immediately. If the unit of fuse box is damaged or broken, you should get it replaced.
  • If you have fixed wiring in your home, it usually runs in the walls or between floors. To check the overall health of the wiring you need to access part of it.

Look for factors like –

  • Does the wiring have rubber insulation or has it worn off?
  • Is the wiring running neatly into junction boxes or is it getting jumbled and knotty?
  • Can you see any bare or live wires?
  • Are the wires fixed securely to the floor or wall?
  • For surface-mounted wiring, the wires should be clipped properly to the walls. It is advisable to conceal wires behind the surface.
  • While checking wiring at home, also check the wiring of electronic appliances from time to time. Most homeowners believe that till the appliances are working properly, there is no problem with the wiring. That’s not the case. Wiring may deteriorate with time, its insulation wears off, the casing gets cracked and similar other issues can crop up for appliance wiring.
  • Faulty switches are also an indication of damaged wiring. If some plug or switch is not working, ask a residential electrician Fort Worth Texas to have a look.

Make sure that the wiring of your home is safe and in its best form to ensure safety of your home. With regular wiring inspections, you will have nothing to get shocked at again.