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Electrical Safety Dos and Don’ts

It is impossible to imagine a life without electricity. A necessity rather than luxury, it has become an inseparable part of human life. Despite being critical in its applications, electricity can be dangerous too. Individuals need to be very careful when it comes to handling electric wires, outlets, power points and more. A necessary danger, you should only trust experienced Fort Worth electricians when it comes to handling electric issues of your property. Electricity issues should never be taken lightly though you cannot always play too safe. 

Precaution is better than cure is a commonly heard saying and it is equally true for electricity hazards too. Here are few electrical safety dos and don’ts that every homeowner needs to know about –

  • While removing power plugs from outlet, firmly hold the plug and pull it out. Do not pull out the cord directly.
  • Make sure that there are cover plates on all switch boards. If the cover plates are hanging out, broken or damaged, get in touch with Fort Worth electricians immediately.
  • While cleaning electric appliances, switch off the power and disconnect cord from the plug. You should also disconnect the appliances when you are going on a vacation. This reduces chances of fires and short circuits.
  • If there are small kids in your home, make sure all the unused power outlets have plastic safety covers. Do not leave any cords lying around or in reach of children.
  • If an electric appliance has stopped working, do not attempt to repair it when it is still plugged in. Avoid troubleshooting the problems by breaking the seal or the cover of the appliance. You should leave it to Fort Worth electricians.
  • Check the insulation cover of the cords of all devices. If the insulation is wearing off or has torn down, get the cord replaced with a new one. Do not let wires be exposed openly. Also check the insulation of cords of the power tools you use.
  • If your hands are wet or you are standing / sitting in water, do not attempt to switch on any electrical appliances. It can result in electric shocks that may prove to be fatal. Keep electrical appliances and devices away from sources of water.