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5 Common Household Electrical Myths

How safe is your home from electrical hazards? When was the last time you got the wiring checked? Don’t remember? Well, electrical safety is often one of the most overlooked elements by homeowners. Electricity is required to power up your home and life. From lighting to heating and cooling system, you need electricity for a wide range of appliances at home. When one of these appliances stops working or there is a power failure, you get in touch with a Fort Worth electrical contractor. But, did you know that you should also get in touch with an electrical contractor to inspect the health of wiring and distribution of loads in your property.

When it comes to household electricity, homeowners tend to have a number of misconceptions and myths. They need to debunk these myths and understand the facts behind them. Here are few common household electrical myths that you should be aware of –

Myth – All power lines have insulation.

Truth – Most of the power lines come with a coating for weather. Only 10 percent of the power lines outside have 100 percent insulation. In fact, even this insulation wears off after being exposed to weather elements over the years. So, if you want to inspect the power lines outside your home, get in touch with an experienced Fort Worth electrical contractor.

Myth – The cost associated with heating systems is very high.

Truth – If you are installing a heating and cooling system in your home, don’t worry, it does not necessarily cost you a small fortune. You should opt for high quality heating and cooling systems that come with digital controllers. These systems are quite energy efficient and do not end up in escalating your energy bills.

Myth – When an electrical wire is broken, power going through the wire shuts off automatically.

Truth – When a wire breaks down and falls on the ground, power does not shut off automatically. So avoid touching any broken live wire as it may end in a nasty shock. When the wire falls on anything that is poor conductor of electricity, it will not short circuit.

Myth – Old wires deteriorate inside walls.

Truth – When wires are present inside an old wall, do not expect them to wither away or deteriorate with time. In fact, when wires are inside a wall, they do not tend to deteriorate much. At the same time, even if the wires are new they can go bad if they are damaged inside the wall. Get a Fort Worth electrical contractor to check the condition of wiring in your home.