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Factors Affect the Cost of Rewiring a Home

Have you figured out that your home needs rewiring? Or has your electrician in Fort Worth inspected your home and suggested to get rewiring done? You may also want to get rewiring done to increase the number of power outlets for the increased electrical demand of your home. Though the term rewiring may sound simple, there must be a lot of questions on your mind. Right from the scope of work to the costs involved, there are several things that you might be pondering upon.

Every home is unique and poses its own set of challenges while rewiring. But, having an understanding of basic factors that affect the cost of rewiring will help make the decision easier for you. Here are few common factors that affect the cost of rewiring a home –

  • Area – One of the prime factors is the size of your home and the area that needs rewiring. What is the overall size of property, what are the number of bedrooms and bathrooms etc, is the home single story or multi story? More the amount of area that requires rewiring, higher will be the costs.
  • Age – Age of your home and its structure also affect the cost of rewiring. If your home is quite old or current wiring pattern is as per the old regulations, the cost of rewiring will be higher.
  • Materials – Your choice of materials like wires, cables, switches and more also determine the cost of rewiring. Even the quality of light fittings installed influence the cost of rewiring.
  • Wall Built – What is the material of walls of your home? Are the walls made of stone, rock, wood, plaster or any other material? The access to new wires will depend on the material of walls. Also, are the walls open already to fish out the wires or will the labor need to wish out the wires too?
  • Ease of Access – Is the current wiring inside the walls or outside? If the wiring is outside, it is easily accessible and cost of rewiring will be low. If you have wiring done inside the walls, rewiring will require more time and labor.
  • Panels – Are you simply replacing electrical panels or adding new ones? If you are adding new panels, the cost of rewiring will increase.
  • Regulations – Do the old fittings comply with current electrical regulations? If not, the old wiring and fittings will be completely removed. In some countries, you need to seek electrical permit from local authorities before working on wiring system. The cost of seeking a permit is higher in some places.
  • Labor – Rewiring projects are time consuming and labor intensive. That is one reason why you should not try DIY electrical rewiring. It is advisable to hire experienced electrician in Fort Worth for rewiring projects.

Sometimes, your entire home may not require rewiring; so first talk to your electrician and clear out the scope of work involved.  Rewiring projects can pinch your pocket to some extent, so it is always better to have a proper estimation of costs involved. Talk to your electrical contractor on whether you simply need to add more circuits or upgrade the entire electrical network.