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Common Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

Lighting is one of the most overlooked elements when it comes to home remodeling. Most homeowners plan their light fixtures at the end of the remodeling process. This approach works only when you have consulted an electrician Fort Worth TX and given him a basic idea of the light fixtures you are planning. When the wires are concealed behind walls, it becomes difficult to add additional switches or plug points to any area. So, electrician Fort Worth TX should be a part of your remodeling plan right from the start. If you are trying to tackle the lighting dilemma, you should take the inputs of an interior designer. They will help you in choosing light fixtures add an extra ordinary edge to your home interiors.

Right from checking the energy efficiency to their appeal and quality, there are several factors that go into a light selection. Here are few common lighting mistakes made by homeowners that you need to be aware of –

  • Not considering ceiling height – Choosing a light fixture by not considering the height of your ceiling is a grave mistake. The fixture may turn out to be too high or too low and seem out of place. When you are planning light fixtures for walking spaces, make sure the family members and guests are able to walk around comfortably.
  • Opting for Recessed lights only – Recessed lights look good, but this does not mean you put recessed lights everywhere. Though they may seem energy and load friendly, your room may start to look like a cave with dark walls if you put only recessed lights.
  • Forgetting kitchen counter top –This is another common mistake where despite enough lights, the person working in the kitchen needs to battle with shadows. You should add task lights on the surface below the overhead cabinets.  If your kitchen design lacks upper cabinets or cabinets over countertops go for a ceiling recessed or wall-mounted lights with adjustable lamps.
  • Uniformity across rooms – Every room has a different purpose and functionality, so the lighting needs to be different too. Opting for the same overhead lights in all room sis a mistake. To have a perfect lighting ambience, choose a combination of different lights like task, accent and general lights. 
  • Not Understanding types of lights – There are different types of lights and you need to know the basic difference between each. The basic types of light include –
    • Ambient lighting – It is easily defined as something like the lighting to light your foot path. It is used in areas where you move about a space.
    • Accent lighting – It is the lighting that accents certain features of a wall like a piece of artwork or others.
    • Task lighting – It creates lighting on a desk to do paperwork without straining the eye. It also used as lighting below cabinets in a kitchen.

Lights can make your home stylish and functional, so choose wisely! Get in touch with electrician Fort Worth TX to start planning light fixtures for your home.